Breakneck Ridge Farm
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September 17, 2013
Just a note of thanks for your generous hospitality extended to our family. Meeting you on the road as we drove up was interesting and exciting. The four grandchildren are still talking about seeing bison in Maine.

I suppose next time we visit my wife’s family home in Monson maybe we’ll get some bison for a cookout but not say so and keep it to ourselves. At least we know where it is available close by.

Anyway - thanks again for your hospitality.

Doug and Donna Moore

Dear Steve,
On behalf of the entire family I would like to thank you for the most informative and fun tour you gave us on Wednesday. The whole family enjoyed it very much.
What spoke volumes to Amy and I was the great deal of pride and spirit you have in your farm and for the natural environment. You truly maintain the qualities of the small American farmer that made this country and continue to have an influence on it.
Once again thanks so much.
John Oliveira
LCDR USN (ret)

We came to Maine on a family vacation, and it was absolutely AMAZING! And it wasn’t just the awesome hikes, or the coyotes, moose, and bears, or all the warm and friendly people, your food was great too!
Your maple syrup was great, the Italian dressing was even better, and I doubt that anyone could top your bison jerky… WOW….
You guys do a wonderful job. Thank You SO very much.
The Wagner & Kincaid Families
Wilmington, DE

Thank you Steve and Diana for allowing my Mom and I to look at your sugarhouse and sample your syrup.
There is nothing like real Maine syrup. We're looking forward to trying your shared recipe for salmon with the maple dressing we picked up today.
After leaving the sugarhouse we did head up the road, as you directed, to then take a look at the buffalo.
I'm uncertain which was more impressive...that beautiful barn with the huge glass windows (and complimentary binoculars for optimal viewing) or those majestic buffalo!
Thank you for sharing your farm with the public today on Maine Maple Sunday.
Lauri (Bangor, ME)

Hi, Just a quick email telling you of the wonderful dinner we had a few weeks ago.
I pulled my first fresh corn on the cob and with your buffalo burgers, it was the best meal I had in a long time. YOU ARE APPRECIATED. THANKS
Sara & Dave Wardamasky
Blue Hill

Good Morning,
I am sending this email to express how excited I am to be returning on Sunday for the thrid year in a row.
This year I am bringing a special friend from Denmark (Europe not maine). She is currently enrolled at UMO interning at the School I work at. She is super excited to see the process.
When I discribed our day and the loop that we make from Old Town to JAckman to see the various ways of evaporating maple water to syrup she just had to come.
Then I told her that we would have a chance to try a bison burger she was over joyed.
I wanted to you to know that out of the numerous sugar shacks I have been to yours is by far the one I enjoy the most by far. Looking forward to seeing you rain or shine.
Dave Oliver

You probably remember my visit early Saturday morning on June 20, 2009 before I went fishing for brook trout nearby. What a surprise for me to see the buffalo and calves close enough to take some nice pictures and to buy some ground meat, several loops of breakfast sausage and three t-shirts.
I have an interest in the American Bison that began with understanding the importance of the vast herds that grazed the fertile plains of the early western regions of present-day and the to the indigenous people living there, the natural predators and scavengers that followed them and to the grasslands they grazed. Their subsequent fate and the fates of those dependent on them is well known.
I recommend that anyone traveling north, or south, through the Moosehead Region make a short, pleasant side trip to Breakneck Ridge Farm.
If you’re lucky the buffalo will be close enough to the road to see and in any event you can purchase for a reasonable price (directly from the store) delicious steaks, ground meat,sausage and have enough money left over for a really cool t-shirt. Imagine a surf ‘n’ turf supper in of lobsters and grilled buffalo rib-eyes!
And for those with children a visit to Breakneck Ridge Farm may be worth the lessons learned from the history of the American Bison as it relates to our own.
Cam Brown

My wife and I were staying in your area in early August and picked up some items at the farm while we were there. The meat was fantastic. Can't say enough good about it.
Jon McKeone
Technical Reporting Analyst

That was a great gift, you are very professional and kind. I will be using you again, when in need of a gift. My friends were thrilled and said the syrup was wonderful and the glass decanters just amazing !

Hi Steve & Dianne,
We recieved a copy of your farm from the Observer, from Pat Patterson. What a great place you have made. Maybe we can come back to Maine to see it soon.
Your X neighbors,
The Patterson's Funny Farm
Sheridan, Or

Stephen, Scott Martinez here from Abel Blood's. Thanks for sending the info. Thought I'd sign your guest book. If you ever need any help on the farm, I'd be interested in picking up some side work, there's always more to learn! Meanwhile, my web site address (from my former company) is above, so you can kind of see what kind of experience I have. Thanks!
Scott Martinez

Hello from Monson, MA!
We visted your farm a couple of times in the past summer but, did not find you at home---(we were staying at Loon Club Road on vacation)--perhaps next time! We enjoyed a friendly hello from your dog "Freckles"? You have a wonderful peaceful spot and hope to find you at home another time! We'll call or e-mail before we arrive. We're looking forward to having a few buffalo steaks on our next visit! We love the area! We're originally from the Bangor area but came down this way because of jobs. Monson, MA is very similar to Monson, ME...small & pretty quiet--about 30 miles east of Springfield, up in the hills. All for now! Have a warm & peaceful winter!
Della Heard
Monson, MA

Just spoke to Edgar Dolbec who told me about you.
Laurie Christensen
Lisbon, ME

I enjoyed visiting your site, bye for now.
Maria Grant
Houston, TX

Nice resource. Thanks :)
New York, NY

Enjoyed our visit today. Keep the good stuff coming to Kelly's Landing!
Edna Huber
Rockwood, ME

Visited the farm on Saturday, July 24, 2004 with Aaron and Abigail and had a great time! I will be ordering some venison and buffalo along with some more syrup closer to the holidays! Have a blessed day/year!
Lloyd L. Beale, Jr.
Largo, FL

It was a pleasure to visit your site today.
Joel Met
Montreal, Qc

Hi, Mrs. Hobart. It was nice to see you the other day. I will have to bring the girls up for a tour this summer. The new Farm Bar-B-Q and Music sounds like fun, too.
Molly Drinkwater
Guilford, ME

Hope you have a great Maple Sunday!! Looks like you are going to have great weather.....
Dexter, ME

Hope you have a great Maple Sunday!! Looks like you are going to have great weather.....
Dexter, ME

Hi, I stopped and now are the proud owner of a Breakneck Ridge Farm hat. You gave me the cooks tour of the barn and we swapped farming stories. After leaving, I tried to contact Mr. Kelly re: his farm, however they must have been away as I couldn't find them at home before I had to leave. I was fortunate to make contact with Paul Vainio and enjoyed a visit with him talking 1911-12 J.D. manure spreaders. Will be at my camp next week for some work and the Fly-in My wife is coming up so most likely would enjoy your gift shop so possibly will see you then
Alan Chace
East Orleans, MA

How is your summer Mrs. Hobart i love this web site
Tiffany Brown
Sangerville, ME

Great Site

I have never been to this web site and I was just woundering, do you people also do the maple syurope for the festavile in Shepherd?
Sarah C.
Shepherd, MI

Found your site - nicely done!
Gregg Banse

found you on the green page
william waranius
houston, TX

Hi mrs.hobart how is vacation. Mine is going well please e-mail me and tell me how you are.How is Abbie and Grace doing tell them I said hi.I love the baby deer and that maple syrup with ice cream thing we did at school was awsome!! Thank You Mrs.Hobart!!!!
Tiffany Brown
Sangerville, ME

Nice site.
Sangerville, ME

I just got a computer a month ago and was just fooling around and brought up your web site. Very interesting. I had saved the info you sent me a year ago, so had your e-mail address. Nice additions you have added since the one you sent me.
Read about Steve's honor in the Bangor Daily News--congratulations.
How is the maple syrup business? It sounded as though it would be questionable.
Dorothy (Dot) Simmons
Bangor, ME

so what have you been up to. well just been righting to you well the address that i gave you is my aunts but you can still email me there cus evrey bodey else dose eney way and i still get it well got to go i have to go to master key so by please email me.
Sangerville, ME

I really liked the presentation you gave in class on March 19, 2003. I liked the deer you raise on your farm i also like your Maple syrup Farm.
Ryan Baxter
Parkman, ME

Nice web site! I wish we could visit your farm on a field trip! Connie told me to write that she says HI
Olivia Schmiedlehner
Abbot, ME

Hi mrs. Hobart you have an awesome farm.
Amber Dodson
Abbot, ME

I need to come over and see your farm. It looks like a cool deer farm. Looks like you can use a golf car though.
Jay Goudreau
Abbot, ME

hi you are the best teacher in sixth grade!!!!!
Chris Pike
Abbot, ME

your farm is the best farm ever
tyler baker
Guilford, ME

Mrs. Hobart I like the farm it is cool.Thank you for being my teacher to,you are the best.
Tiffany Brown
Sangerville, ME

This is the greatest homepage in the web world i love ur deer farm i will go this summer to see all ur animals i love having u as a teacher cya g2g got to do my writing.
Travis Patterson
Sangerville, ME

Hello mrs hobart how are you? I like your baby deer's they are so cute.
Danica Jones
Guilford, ME

Hey Mrs Hoberta...
Waht are you up to latley? Yupp im in ure calss right bout now! well your farm is much more exciting then skool! No offense! hehe Well any way that baby deer is so cute I'm so coming to see ure farm! looks fun to me! well betta get to payin attention to you! I will write in here again be sure of that!
Brittany Cunningham
Cambridge, ME

It was a pleasure to visit your site today, and I want to extend an open invitation to you and your guests to visit
Peter Red
Montreal, Qc

Leslie, long time no hear from! Love your site. Let me know who does yours so maybe I can get mine up and going. I'm sending a recent picture of Hannah. Her new MoM loves her so much! Your animals all look so good and the pictures of your farm and surrounding are add alot to your site . It makes me feel I've visited your place! Take care and give Montana a hug from me...Jan
Rachelka Wookey

We are thrilled with the new format guest enquiry e-mails. To be able to respond directly makes a huge difference to us. SCHA and Australiarentals have been a fantastic source of bookings for both Regency Apartment and Empire 406. Thanks
Stefanie Herrmann

Hi, I like the site. Its great that you have properties from so amny diffferent countries, and that the site is so fast to load. I wish you had a few more listings in the Caribbean and South America, as I have been there a few times, and there are so many fantastic places to see and stay down there. Cheers,
Jan-Peter Rangolf

Hi, I like the site. Its great that you have properties from so amny diffferent countries, and that the site is so fast to load. I wish you had a few more listings in the Caribbean and South America, as I have been there a few times, and there are so many fantastic places to see and stay down there. Cheers,
Jan-Peter Rangolf

Steve congratulations on being the 3rd place finalist for 2003 District Board Member of the Year!
You do a great job serving the community as well as having a wonderful farm. All the hard work for all these years pays off huh?
Talk to you soon......
Judy Wilbur Craig
Dexter, ME

Steve congratulations on being the 3rd place finalist for 2003 District Board Member of the Year!
You do a great job serving the community as well as having a wonderful farm. All the hard work for all these years pays off huh?
Talk to you soon......
Judy Wilbur Craig
Dexter, ME

Saw your article in the piscataquis about your bison.
Saw your web site in the near future I will be placing some orders with you. Every time I come back home I always make it a point to drive by and look for the deer. Glad to hear that your place is doing so well. Looking forward to my next trip and eat in your new place.
Dale G. Bouley of Guilford
Crestview, Fl

"Greeting's from St. Petersburg,FL"! I'm Jr.'s Daughter who will be visiting the Stones in Monson 7/15/02-8/8/02. While I'm visiting I would like to go on 1 of those Farm Tours, but don't know which day to book 1. The day I choose to go on that tour, is when I'll purchase some Venicen, as living in St. Petersburg we don't have such meat. Dose Spring Barbacue serve Barbacue Venicen? How much time should I book in advance? "SORRY about my Uncle Danny Stone shooting 1 of your Deer's, as he thought it was a wild 1"! "Please forgive those wild Stone's"! We'll see you folks at the tour!
Peggy Stone
St. Petersburg, FL

Hi Diana,
I had the pleasure of meeting you while I was a Graduate Student at UMO in Dr. Lynn Nelson's office one day, I was his Grad Assistant. My husband Allen Knowlton, is originally from Blanchard. We have just returned from spending a week there and we rode up to your farm with our two children. It is very lovely! I have just read in the Observer about your tours which I wish we could've taken advantage of when we were visiting. Best Regards to you all.
Felicia Loreto Knowlton
columbia, pa

Lived with Grandparents (Akersons) back in the '40s. Miss the Maple Syrap, apples and good people. Glad to see where I can get the things I miss in the South.
Bill Kenney
Clinton, MS

Hi aunt diana and uncle steven. I thought I thought I would check out your web site, i would just like to say that i liked it alot and it is put together very well. Good job with the pictures, they make me miss the farm. Cant wait till i can get some time off and come to maine to see all you and work on the farm with uncle steven.
Jessica Cutsinger
bristol, vt

Was able to get on line toda and check out your site. Really nice job. One of the co-workers is planning to go to Maine tis summer. I gave him one of you flyers.
bristol, vt

Just wanted to say hello, Dianna and Steve! I wish I could send you some of the warm weather we are having here in GA. Have a Merry Christmas!
Sara-Mae (Turner) Burke
Fort Gordon, GA

Hello - we have a Cocker National up in Milo at the Three Wings Wingshooting grounds Oct 24-27, 2002. Interested in accommodations near the grounds. Would you know of any Inns, motels, bed and breakfast, cabins? Whatever info you could provide would be greatly appreciated
Deb Strohl
Marinette, WI

Enjoyed your web sight very much! Makes me homesick though. I own some ground in Blanchard and have hunted and fished there for 31 years now. On my next visit I'll have to stop by and pick-up some REAL maple syrup.
Bruce Courser
Clarks Hill, In

You website looks great! My sister and my 3 nieces came to visit me from California a couple of weeks ago and They bought lot's of your syrup. Beautiful bottles and very yummy!
Sherri Collins
Guilford, ME

I have been searching around for any information I can find on your town. My husband and I are planning to move to Maine is a few years with our son. We are trying to find a small town with lumbering opportunities and perhaps some teaching opportunities as well for me. If you know of any other websites affiliated with Abbot, please let me know. Thanks.
Adrienne Foster
Norton, MA

We had your venison last week. It was great!
Betsey Lippmeier
Norton, MA

Hi Diana,
Love the web page & also the quilt.
Sydney Pratt
Monson, Me

Hallo, my name is Carmela Riitano and I search all the other RIITANO of the world.
My father is an italien, from calabria.
Please answer me in the next time.
I am happy to found you
Riitano Carmela
Oberursel, Germany

Great Web Site. We are looking forward to your weekly farm tours - everyone will enjoy a tour of the deer farm and maple syrup tasting!
Stephanie Gardner
Greenville, Me

I have a friend from Delaware visiting in July and we are looking forward to the NREC program on July 12th.
I shall probably be dropping by in the meantime. Your farm sounds beautiful and I am a country girl at heart.
Lassell Comegys
Dover-Foxcroft, ME

Our family has loved your syrup for years. Everytime we come to Monson to see "the folks", we have to pick up a gallon. Our Rhode Island family has tasted your syrup .... now we have to fill orders each time we visit! We are up to 5 or 6 gallons each trip. Congratulations, and welcome to the web.
Rodney Allen
East Providence, RI

Great site!
Sangerville, ME

Heard the maple syrup was running. Good luck catching it.
Bruce H. Landau
New York, NY

I heard the sap is running!
Good luck with your new website, and be sure to visit
Town of Dexter
Dexter, ME

I love vension and will placing an order soon!
Joe Tucker
Boston, MA

This is such a lovely site. We are hoping to move to your area very soon and the idea off having such a wonderful place so close is a joy. When we come up we will definately want to come to the farm! Thank you for your site. Thank you for the atmosphere of the site.
butterfly Adam
Colorado Springs, CO

Website looks great! Good luck with it! Used Breakneck Ridge Farm as many examples in school already!
Eric Sweet
Missoula, MT

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